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Alongside the convoys of electrical trucks and disaster cleanup vehicles, I traveled from Michigan to the Washington D.C. area, just in time for, ”Hurricane Sandy”.  It was a gloomy drive, through drizzle and rain and occasional downpours, with winds ever-increasing, as I neared my destination.  I arrived at my son’s doorstep around 10pm, Sunday night.

We watched the weather on T.V. and computer, as we heard the air whistling around and through the windows and doors, all night long.  On Monday we played some Scrabble, and stayed indoors, while my son occasionally ventured a few blocks to check the river bank creep well over its normal edge.  As day soon became night, we saw the lights flash on and off a few times—we knew total darkness was imminent.  About 8pm we were startled by hearing a loud knock at the door.  We looked at each other strangely wondering, “Who could possibly be out there?”  I silently thought it might be the police, here to order us to evacuate.  It wasn’t the police, when my son opened the door, but, the neighbors, Patrick and Kristin, carrying a plate of “Hurricane Cookies”.   Being from Michigan, I had never been through a hurricane before, and naively asked, “What are ‘Hurricane Cookies?’”  Kristin kindly chuckled that they are just any cookies, but, made during a hurricane.  Patrick assured my son and daughter-in-law that, if the power went out during the night, they’d share their generator with us, to save the refrigerated foods.  The neighbors returned to the safety and comfort of their own home, as we settled around the T.V. for continuing weather up-dates, munching on delicious peanut butter cookies.  About 11:30 that night, the power went out and the sounds of the whipping winds lulled us all to sleep.

In the morning, we had cookies and milk for breakfast and hooked up to neighbors’ generator.  We spent the day playing games, while listening to the battery operated radio, with my son frequently checking the river.  Around 2pm the lights, in the house, flickered on and off several times, until about 4:30, when they came on for good.  I ate the last “Hurricane Cookie” on Tuesday.

Unbeknownst to Patrick and Kristin, they had KIC’d Steve and Marcy and me; how kind, how thoughtful, how generous, how random.  They deserve a KIC back!!