Hello and welcome to the KICMovement blog.  My name is Steve.  I am a retired veteran, and currently a student.  Please enjoy our blog, and feel free to leave comments.

When my wife came to me with the Idea of doing random acts of kindness I was inspired.  The KICMovement is our attempt to make the world a better place for everyone.  If you took note of the title of this post, more specifically the last two words, “Nicomachean Ethics”, you will know that I am also inspired by Aristotle.  Aristotle wrote his best philosophical works with his son Nicomachas in mind.  His overall understanding was that we (humans), have a desire end to seek happiness, this I believe is true.  My main drive in the KICMovement is to inspire my daughter much the same way my wife has inspired me to do good things for people, as often we can.

I really do hope we can positively affect people, if only to put a smile on their faces for a few minutes.  This is our opportunity to stop complaining about all that is wrong in the world, and start doing good things.